[Indonesia] 12 Things to do in Makassar

Trip of Wonders 2016
23 July - 1 August 2016

First of all, I want to thank the Ministry of Tourism Republic of Indonesia who sponsored me (the only 1 Thai) and 39 more bloggers/influencers to join this wonderful trip. If you plan to travel to Indonesia, you will need some information from someone who has actually been there - someone like me. First we started with Makassar - a port city on the eastern Sulawesi island. It's about 3 hours flying from Jakarta. In Makassar, there are 12 things you can do and have to do

1. Playing waterfall at Bantimurung National Park

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When was the last time you really had fun playing at a waterfall, Bantimurang is the place where you can enjoy fresh and cool water. This place is also good for picnic or relaxation with your family. The water level is not high and that's good for your children's safety.

2. Explore the cave

There are 2 caves at this national park, I had explored just 1 cave and I think that's enough. To get to the cave we need to walk about 1-1.5 kilometres. At the entrance, they have flash lights for rent. The cost is around 100 Thai Baht (can't exact remember in IDR) Inside the cave is quite dark, and it's short walk to just 100 meters. Nothing much to do but you can enjoy creating some lighting photo just like my friend did.

3. Eat BAKSO

Bakso is a noodle dish with meatballs - Indonesian style, actually you can find it everywhere but the one I've met is Bakso mobile. Yes, it is motorcycle Bakso. This idea is really good and makes this Bakso shop more interesting to try. I found this motorbike at Bantimurang National Park.

4. Eat some Indonesian sweet

I don't know what is this call but it look like Pancake
In Makassar, if you walk along the street, you will see many interesting stuff such as street food, sweets or some snack shop. This one I found once our group got lost on the way back to our hotel. These sweets look like Pancake, using wood to burn and you can choose the stuff inside between cheese or chocolate.

5. Try using local taxi

Local Taxi in Makassar call Angkot
It's actually not taxi, Angkot is a type of public transportation with no fixed route. Once you see them just wave your hand and tell the drive where you want to go. Don't forget to ask for the price. If you feel it's too expensive just let them go and waiting for the new one.

6. Boat Riding

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As you know, Makassar is a port city. It's a good chance to go for a boat ride. For me, I am happy to take a boat (not too big not too small) to Kodinggareng Keke island. Starting from the port named Kayu Bangkoa, it takes about an hour to the island. The air is fresh and the water is clear.

7. Do Aqua Jet Pack

I saw this cool stuff from my boat and took a short video clip. It looks so extreme and like a fun sport activity. I also don't know the cost for the rent nor how to play it as well.

8. Water Jumping

As the sea water at Kodingareng Keke island is really clear, it is a great opportunity to jump into the sea and take great photos or videos.

9. Eat lunch using HANDS

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Yes, use your hands instead of spoons and forks. When I was very young I tried to do this once. Again here at Samalona island, Makassar. This island is quite small and there are only the villagers. Their aren't many choices of food,  just 3-4 things but to eat with hands make it super delicious ever!!

10. Water Color Painting

@motulz my Indonesian friend, he always paint wherever he is.
For some people and for some reasons they have their own way. Like travelling, most of the people like to take photos or videos but some people love to just sit down relaxing and do some painting. For this activity you do no need many things: just colour, paintbrush, sketchbook and water. Let's paint!

11. See the Sunset at Losari

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There is a special place for watching beautiful sunsets in Makassar called Losari. It looks like a park nearby the sea and it's the best spot to watch a sunset in this city. Not only sunset but a lot of things to buy and if you feel hungry, there is a food market opposite Losari.

12. Enjoy Karaoke!

One thing you should know while you're in Indonesia, it's quite hard to buy beer in some places, especially in Muslim cities. Makassar is not an exception. You can only buy beer at the hotel bar or karaoke. You can not buy it from any convenience store. That's the reason for me to do karaoke. On the end, it turns into a good experience with your friends and you learn the Indonesian as well.

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